Student Cell Phone Policy – Is it Right?


Student Cell Phone Policy - Is it Right?

Sarah Wynn, Contributor

Here at High Point, rules and guidelines have been tightening up against the student body regarding technology, wifi usage, and cell phones. Teachers have asked all students to put their cell phone in pockets, boxes, or racks in the beginning of class, and not being able to carry or hold it until the end of the class period. Many students have become upset and angry with this new policy, and here’s why.

Students have their right to keep their own personal belongings. 

Most people are protective and careful with their own personal belongings. The average person would never let a stranger pick up, touch, or take away their things. As a human being, we want to keep our things to ourselves, and often get uncomfortable, or develop anxiety when other people restrict us from our possessions. As most of the student body here at High Point is under the age of 18, our parents pay for and bought us our cell phones or other devices that are taken from us during the school day. Many parents may get uncomfortable with the fact that their child’s cell phone is being taken from them throughout their school day.

Cell Phone Damage

As many students have already experienced this, it does happen quite often where a students cell phone is damaged because of these rules. When the cell phone rack is unsturdy (Being held with sticky tack, thumb tacks, etc) the rack is more likely to fall. When this happens, cell phones will break, crack, or shatter. As most of you know, cell phones are glass, and need to be treated with care. Phones are fairly expensive for the average person, and cost a lot to fix when broken. Incidents where students have accidentally taken home other students phone home with them at the end of the day. This causes stress and anxiety in both the student and their parent/guardian.

Germs and Covid Restrictions??

At High Point, COVID and Safety Protocalls have been important to follow since the beginning of the year. Cleaning your surface before you leave a class, wearing your ask over your nose at all times, keeping a safe distance away from others, etc. were all rules that everyone in the building should have bee following. Many people may wonder, “Are cell phones racks/bins COVID safe?” The answer is no! The spread of germs with this process defeats the whole purpose of taking the caution we already do. Double or triple stacking your phone in a pocket with someone else increases the spread of germs. Your phone, their phone, and other peoples phone are all in the same pocket. This is unsafe because many students put their cell phones on floors, take them to the bathroom, and put them on disgusting surfaces. Students put not only their phones, but their hands in these pockets all day long. The average pocket with get at least 16 hands in and it of it throughout the school day.