March 7 Mask Mandate Lift


Desiree Panian

          On February 7 , Governor Murphy announced the lifting of the mask mandate in New Jersey public schools, effective March 7. Therefore, on that date, masks shall no longer be required, but they shall remain optional for all students, staff and visitors at High Point Regional High School. 

          According to Dr. Ripley, “We shall honor the autonomy of our families to make a determination for their own health and well-being; we shall continue to support all those who choose to wear a mask, as well as supporting those who choose to forgo wearing a mask. I believe that this is an opportunity for our community, our staff and our students to demonstrate the depth and breadth of our collective and individual character in our support of each other’s similarities and differences.”

There was an exciting feeling in the air Monday as many teachers and students saw each other’s faces for the first time.

According to the CDC and the transportation department of our school, masks are optional on school buses.