Rom-Coms or Rom-Don’t

For all the love birdies out there

Rom-Coms or Rom-Dont

Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor


Can’t shy away from the classics. “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown,” can never fail to bring love and enjoyment in your world of uncertainty. The Peanuts’ little bunch brings sweetness to matters of the heart. Will Schroeder ever notice Lucy? Will Linus find a Valentine gift for his oh-so-favorite teacher? Let’s not forget about little Charlie Brown, other than his continual fear of approaching the Red-Head Girl, will he ever be confident enough to attach his foot with the football? Watch to find out more.

Can’t leave out another classic, “Gnomeo & Juliet,” the definition of ‘does she love me or does she not.’ In this action love story, we look into feeding families. And a fence that can’t keep these two forbidden love birds away. After being lured outside their fenced territories, these two garden gnomes meet and fall smitten with each other. But they need to face their families and life-threatening lawnmowers. With the assistance of a matchmaking flamingo. Can the Montegue and Capulet story have a cheerful ending? (See what I did there? No, okay. Work on your facts, people).

“The Princess Bride” the love that is worth fighting for, killing, and dying for. If you haven’t or know of this movie then you haven’t lived or you’re an infant. There is an adventure, kidnapping, and the undying love of Weasly and Buttercup.

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“Gone Girl” is a movie based on a novel also called “Gone Girl.” It is also one of the worst films to watch on Valentines’ day. With “Gone Girl”, you get a twist that stays with you. It’s like American Beauty meets Psycho or something barely beyond the realm of normal. Or is it? The truly deranged sleep in this southern-set story, where two lovers slowly realize that their relationship was perpetuated by performance.