“Tall Girl 2” is Ranked Number 4 on Netflix

Tall Girl 2 is Ranked Number 4 on Netflix

Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor

If you haven’t watched “Tall Girl” you have been living under a rock. “Tall Girl 2” is an ongoing story of Jodi Kreyman who is 6ft tall and has struggled with her height all her life. Jodi soon accepts it and so do the people in her school. In “Tall Girl 2” there is a relationship between Jodi and Dunkleman that begins on a beautiful note, with the two sharing romantic moments. Jodi has become one of all the popular kids in school, as a result of her speech at the Homecoming dance in “Tall Girl” the first one.

Her newfound fame and her new desire of appearing within the Spring musical “Bye Bye Birdie” however, prove to be huge roadblocks in her otherwise smooth relationship with Dunkleman. She finds herself fighting her own fears and managing anxiety attacks. After landing the lead part of Kim within the musical “Bye Bye Birdie”, Jodi is astonished and shocked. Jodi has been troubled by an inner voice that tells her she’s not good enough, since the start of rehearsals, likewise because the bully Kimmy, who she beat to the lead role and is now determined to confirm Jodi flakes out.

Tommy plays the lead opposite Jodie in Bye Bye Birdie and maybe a possible new love interest of her life.
Jodi deals with typical adolescent issues. She carries lots of weight on her shoulders between the boy she’s dating, her friendships, bullying, the musical, and her uncomfortable parents. She is under an excellent deal of stress and feels completely overwhelmed. By specializing in her confidence, Jodi eventually discovers a way to filter that negative voice. She makes the choice to control her mind instead of the opposite way around.

If you haven’t watch “Tall Girl 2” yet then you have been missing out. Go check it out on Netflix. You certainly won’t waste your time.