“Cheaper by the Dozen” Remake is on Disney Plus Now


Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor

“Cheaper by the dozen” is a 2022 film that is featured around a mixed family. A man that is divorced and has three kids and a women who is divorced with two kids. They come together and join forces. Two sets of twins soon come later after they get married. Gabrielle Union stars as Zoey Baker and works alongside Zach Braff who stars as Paul Baker. These two Bakers work at a restaurant that serves breakfast all day with a special sauce Paul Baker just so happens to whip up in the kitchen. This movie is a remix of the “Cheaper by the dozen” 2003 film. That has some similarities. For example the house. The small hectic house. The 2022 film takes on my different problems in our society, such as racism, disability, alcohol, sexual innuendos, white privilege, and mixed families. “Cheaper by the dozen” is a family-friendly movie that is perfect for a night in with popcorn and candy.