Spirit Week 2/28-3/4


Isabel Epperly

The Clash of Classes competition is still neck and neck for underclassmen, but seniors have a sizable lead! 
Frosh: 950
Soph: 850
Junior: 900
Seniors: 1400
Monday 2/28 Athlete and Mathlete Day – Show love for your favorite sports team by wearing team apparel or show love for academics by sporting college apparel, etc.
Tuesday  3/1 Dress Like a Famous Musician Day – Pick a specific musician (ex: John Lennon, Eminem, Janis Joplin, Gene Simmons, Pete Wentz) or dress in clothes typical of the style of music you love.
Wednesday 3/2 “Wednesdays We Wear Pink” Day – Wear pink and show love for one of the greatest movies of 2004…or ever!
Thursday 3/3 Country Club and Country – Collars up, plaids, pastels, and sweater vests. Dress preppy for a day at the country club or throw on some camo and work boots, overalls, or flannel and cowboy boots, and get your country on.
Friday 3/4 Class Colors
Seniors White
Juniors Black
Sophomores Red
Freshmen Gray