Say Something Week Events


Say Something Week

March 28-April 1

Sponsored by Sandy Hook Promise, Say Something Week celebrates the importance of trusted adults and teaches students how to look out for warning signs of someone at risk for possibly hurting themselves and knowing what adults they can share this information with.

To promote and celebrate the week, the SAVE students have the following activities planned. 

Monday – Green Out!!  Jeans day for teachers with Green! Green decorations throughout the building (and grounds – weather permitting). Art students to add to the drawings outside on the sidewalks!

Tuesday – Between each period, announcements will be made encouraging students to Say Something. A short video will also be emailed to teachers to play during the first block.

Wednesday – SAVE Members will present to English Classes. The presentation will last 5-10 minutes. **Details To Follow**

Thursday – Stress-free day! In lieu of tests, quizzes, homework, teachers use the time to (teach content), but in the form of a game or activity that is designed to be fun, energetic, and more low-key. This is all for Mental Health Awareness.

Friday – SAVE members attend PE classes (start of the class) to complete an activity with the students. **Details to follow**