A Spring Craft

Yarn Butterflies

A Spring Craft

Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor

To make a yarn butterfly you will need, craft sticks – 2 for each, pipe cleaners – 1 for each, yarn – more than one color, breads – 2 small 1 large. Once you have your materials you can start making your butterfly.

The first thing you should do is put your two sticks in an uneven X, from there you want to take your first yarn color and circle it around the center of your X shape sticks. Once the X is secure you can start weaving your yarn. Switch into a figure 8 pattern as soon as you get to the gap between the stick. Once that is done you want to tie the thread off mid-weave simply tuck it into the winding so it pokes through. From there you can switch colors and you want to do the figure 8 weave again but only on one side of the sticks. You must continue the figure 8 until you reach the end of the sticks. You must repeat on the other side of the sticks. To make sure everything stays in place, double knot and if you want cut the remaining yarn after the knot you can.

To make it look like a butterfly, take your pipe cleaner and bend half of and wind it around the center of the X shape. From there twist it. Then you take your two small beads and thread then at the bottom of your butterfly. Then take your large one and bead it at the top. Then curl the top to make it more realistic.

Have fun making butterflies!