How to Make a Sandcastle

How to Make a Sandcastle

Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor

There are only three things you need to make a sandcastle… sand, water and a bucket. You can add on the plastic shaped moulds to make it neater or you can just use your hands.

Here are the steps to make a perfect sandcastle:
1. Make a mountain; collect all the sand you can/want and put it in a pile.
2. Add lots of water. It will make it easier to control the movement of the sand.
3. Make even more of a pile on top of your first one if it isn’t big enough to your liking.
4. Carve out the castle. Make the design you want.
5. Be creative. Do what you want.


Or the super simple method


If you are feeling like you are ready for a little friendly competition. Then you would want to enter yourself in a Jersey shore contest.
At Belmar Beach – July 13th. It will begin at 8:30 am and the contest is free for anyone to join. All ages.
Below is a link with a little more information:

Heather Road in Wildwood Crest July 7th from 10 am until 2 pm. It is free to all.
Below is a link with a little more information:

Wildwood Crest Sand Sculpting Festival