Daily Poem



Man hand with pen writing on notebook.

Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor

Submitted by Katie Mahon

Pisces, the beautiful soul that kissed the devil.

He was a man of many triumphs, a man whose soul lit up the sky.

No smudge that clouded the heavenly wings as he walked the earth, no enemies or lovers, no one to taint him.
For he was Pisces the angel of peace, so why is it now he lays bare on the crisp floor as his wings drape over him, his hair dampened by the hot steam seeping through the cracks in the ridged ground.
A dark figure coming closer whose smell was intoxicating, The Devil. Pisces wanted out but could not take his eyes away from a human?

Who everyone presumed was hideous, maybe he was but Pisces could not see why, for the man in front of him was the man he vowed not to love.

So as the moments ticked by their faces leaning closer to the point it was just a taunt, for why should an angel and the devil kiss?

It was obvious, lovers from another life who promised to find each other once more. So there in the final moments, they met in the middle, passion and love filled the air as star-struck lovers finally united.