Book Review

“What I Carry”

Book Review

Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor

Author Jennifer Longo

“What I Carry” is a fiction novel and realistic fiction. The author is Jennifer Longo. She also wrote “Six Feet Over It” and “Up To This Point”. Muir or Muriel is the main character. She is seventeen years old and a senior in high school, soon to graduate. She is also in foster care. She lives with Francine, a foster parent. Francine is her last home before she ages out of the foster care system. Muir was abandoned at birth by her druggy mother. The nurses named her after the famous wilderness explorer John Muir. Muir has purposely kept herself from getting adopted because of her druggy mother being in her mind. Muir was addicted to Methadone when she was born. Joellen is the social worker that brings and finds her the homes. Joellen has been with her since day one. They have a very close relationship. Muir loves the outside world. She loves being in the woods and just all of the trees, she can really relate to John Muir in that way. She also sorta looks up to John. she was standoffish and wanted to keep to herself in the begging of being at Francine’s and meeting Kira but as the story goes on she opened up (kinda unknowingly) and is started to love Kira, Francine, and Sean but she tries to contain herself because she knows that she is leaving once she ages out of foster care as she thinks Francine won’t let her stay any longer after her 18th birthday comes.


Kira is another main character. She is a very strong and independent person. Her family heritage has lived on that island for generations. She has a lot of tattoos and smokes. She also works at the local coffee shop. She goes to the same school as Muir and Sean. She’s an artist. And is bullied by Tiana and Katiana. They are the biggest bullies on the whole island and will do anything to ruin Kira’s life.

Sean is another main character. He is sweet and sentimental. He works at Salishwood with Muir and Natan. His dad died when he was younger. His mom is a ranger and isn’t home that often. So Sean lives alone most of the time. He is also semi- dating Muir. They haven’t made it official.

Francine is Muir’s foster mom. She is very sweet and caring. She has a dog, Terry Johnson. She is also the aunt to Kira. She has been a foster mom way before Muir but she’s only taken in way younger kids than Muir. Francine had never had a child that was just about to age out. Francine has also become very attached to Muir and I think really wants to adopt her but since Muir is aging out it might not be good. The setting of the book is on a small island, just a ferry ride away from Seattle.

This book is a heartwarming read. You will not want to put it down once you get going. You will go on a crazy fun ride with this book. You will not regret going and getting this book. It’s found in the High Point Library.