Daily Poem

Laced Manipulation


Blend Images LLC

Arm and hand wrapped in barbed wire

Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor

Summited by Anonymous

Manipulation is the action of something in a skillful manner.
Her laced manipulation with venom and claws.
Barbed wired hands spiked with blood, tears, –
Hiding away in closed doors,
never to tell,
never to transcript
Influences hide under the fabrics.
Never to awaken
You hide me dear tormented.
You pull me down to the cave with only one breath left.
Please stop. I never meant for this. I want –
I wan-
What do you want Destroyer
I want to live like they do in the movies. I-In the books.
Please, wire. Your hands are cold, ridged, spiked. They hur-
“Only one breath left”