Daily Poems

The Tragedy of Yesterday


Elizabeth Dietz , Contributor

Summited by Sophia Fiorentino

Yesterday, the headlines explained how planes were crashing into towers.

They told of stories,

stories of gang violence

and dangers of immigrants in the country.

They whispered lies on split tongues,

spreading racism and hate,

segregation and dirty looks.

In the yesterday of yesterday,

the headlines explained

the start of “great” wars-

of casualties and losses;

fallen friends,


and lost battles;

tales of murder-


and the weaknesses of great countries.

Before even this,

at the apparent start of it all,

the news left on doorsteps

told of ‘appalling’ uprisings

that was just madness in passing,

that would quiet down soon:

women’s rights to vote,

to have voices;

and the same for everyone else,

anyone “different”

in the white-washed patriarchy that held the world in its grasp.

That news that started off

as just a soft, angry buzz

grew louder and louder:


though I guess that was in yesterday’s news, too.

Today, however

is the product of all of those newspaper headlines

discussed over tea:

ours now shine bright

on phone screens and billboards

for everyone to see.

Today there is change,

something new-

there are protests and riots,

rainbow flags and fists in the air,

that all call for a change:

for new views,

for new justice,

for a new reign of freedom.

But then looking back,

haven’t we always?

The start of our country,

the slaying of slavery,

the movement to magnify

the voices of women,

the lifted ban of gay marriage?

Because tomorrow,


that’s a whole other story-

one that’s yet to be started,

one that’s ours to control,

so I hope that you and I-

authors and poets,

speakers and more-

will write a striking new addition

with our own fairytale ending and

a fresh new spin

to the outdated and twisted

series of history.