Environmental Club


Abby Nosal

Environmental club engages in activities and promoting awareness to invoke real environmental changes in our community. Weekly meetings are held to discuss our current global situation, as well as what we can do to help. The club participates in challenges that help members and others become more green and environmentally-friendly. For example, one challenge we participated in last year was the ¨One Week Vegetarian¨ challenge.

The club has organized a newsletter for the school that includes factual information and petitions to sign. Here is the link to an example from last year: Environmental Club Newsletter 3_1_21 – Google Docs

Our current members working on the newsletter are: Quinn Gonzalez, Lauren Reese, and Kyla Richards

We have also created a social media account to get the student body involved in making a change. Here is the link to the instagram account: high.point.environmental

Our social media ambassadors include: Kyle Carins, Grace Farinella, Giselle Monroig, Abigail Nosal, and Chaya Ortega

In the bio, you can click on any of the links to take action! These include Protect the Arctic, Ocean Conservancy, and more!

Introducing the environmental club 2021-2022 officers!

Presidents: Chaya Ortega, Khushi Suri

Vice President: Mia Grisaffi

Secretary: Jessica Way

Treasurer: Leah Reinstein 

Protecting our environment and finding ways to restore and preserve our planet in our goal. Each member strives to put an emphasis on educating and empowering peers. If you are interested in becoming part of the fun, contact any of the officers or Mr. Baker to join!